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Doomed'n Damned is an action game based on retro/classic platform games from Arcades and 16 bit consoles, but revised to the HD era. The level design, characters, plot and difficulty have a lot of influence from the late 80s and early 90s games. The development and production is by arc-gen, an one man indie game studio. The sound effects and voice over are directed by Stakula ( and the voices are performed by Sam A. Mowry.

The game is stills in development, and the content might be changed/improved during the development cycle. You can follow the game updates on the game blog, facebook page and twitter.

- 16 Bit cheesy sense of humor
- Epic boss fighting
- Voice over dialogues
- Challenging difficulty
- Classic level design
- Classic weapons and skills
- Multiple path levels
- Secret items and areas, copyright © 2014, exosyphen studios USA, LLC. All rights reserved.