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It is 2020. After the fall of Eurozone in 2014 and huge financial crisis, the Ukraine never finished the new sarcophagus for the Chernobyl Power Plant. With the old Dome constantly decaying, the radiation levels were increasing and very soon the zone was declared off limits to civilians - and closed. Shortly it became a shelter for escaping criminals, army deserters and all the society-unwanted scum.

Dangerous, inhabited by potential targets and officially closed, the Zone became an ideal testing ground for military and private contractors. Combat equipment, weapons and electronics - tested by small teams or even standalone mercs. The player is one of the mercenaries sent into the Zone. Since he is the first who may make it alive through the Plant interiors, his mission has been handsomely paid for by the Death TV - and they hope for a good show, paying extra for every kill - the more gruesome, the higher the bid., copyright © 2014, exosyphen studios USA, LLC. All rights reserved.