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Play as the enigmatic Lithien Silvair. Living on the odium, suffering from amnesia, and a fresh arrival in the deepest most dismal spot the map... Luna. Are you deep in the planet's mantle? The land of the dead? or somewhere in-between? There are scant few inhabitants and each is deeply flawed. Is love real? Can you trust anyone?

Back in the real world people call this place Luna. No one who has never been there could ever really confirm or deny its existence... but the rumors do fly. A cold tomb for the fallen? A penal colony managed by The Order of the Raven? Or worse yet the very gates of Hell!? The perspective of its inhabitants is of a different attitude, and only that of escape. Every last one of them wishes they could get back to something... Only the purest of naturalists could find appreciation in its endless tombs, roaring wind, and cold pebble and flint stones. As Lith enters the scene he enters into a very trying time for Luna. The intelligent Chumbo has been banished. The peaceful native population of Val'Ra have recently gone missing. Could someone closer than the party thinks be responsible?, copyright © 2014, exosyphen studios USA, LLC. All rights reserved.